What is a product license?

A product license grants you the right to use recognised trademarks, images, films or comic strip characters in your products, publications or campaigns. The licensor retains ownership of the copyright while the licensee (the customer) purchase the right to use the trademark in products and campaigns for an agreed period.

How do I license BECA?

BECA’s journey started in December 2016, still very new, very small, compared to all the characters out there. But even so, BECA have managed to capture over 300,000 fans from China, Korea and Thailand.

BECA supports clients throughout the approval process of licensed products, with professional design advice that facilitates and speeds up the approval process. We can also supply clients design services through our in-house designers and external partners.

To license BECA, we request that you provide a business plan and products with high quality which can live up to our brand values.

Contact Details

BECA & Friends Studio is the official body responsible for BECA copyright supervision. All of BECA and friends characters are globally registered trademarks. You should contact BECA & Friends Studio in all BECA-related matters.

BECA & Friends Studio
Level 5, NST One Building, Silom Soi 1, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Email: business@becabear.com

Contact Details

Tanya Lertwichaiworawit
Managing Director
Email: ty@becabear.com

Panivarin Kongmahasanti
Creative Director
Tel: +66 84 374 7408
Email: prae@becabear.com